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Financial Balance

Have you ever seen one of those market outlooks at the beginning of the year that predicts nothing but total gloom in the year ahead? Has it caused you to wonder how your plan will perform if the prediction comes true? Have you wondered if you will need to alter your goals as a result? If so, watch our video to see how our balanced approach to planning and implementing your retirement income may be useful to you. 


Retirement Income 
  • Plan for & ensure a sufficient level of income to maintain your standard of living
Estate Planning
  • Realize your intentions to plan for heirs and your legacy
Life Insurance
  • Increase access to your money and protect & grow your wealth
Business Exit Planning
  • Identify key personnel & financial resources for your business succession
Tax Strategies
  • Implement tax-efficient strategies for your portfolio and/or business
Wealth Accumulation
  • Implement strategies to budget, protect and achieve financial balance
Sufficiency Assets
  • Purchase assets to plan for expected life events and gain comfort of guaranteed retirement income
Social Security
  • Maximize your value from social security
  • Remove appreciation of asset from taxable estate
  • Long term investment vehicles designed to help save for retirement
Risk Management
  • Understand your risk tolerance and build a plan to match


  • Provide replacement income in case of disability

Many people are disorganized in their finances and planning. We utilize the most innovative planning platform in the industry. The Living Balance Sheet® allows us to create balance and flexibility in your plan while we protect you from unforeseen circumstances and grow your wealth efficiently. With the Living Balance Sheet, our clients have a comprehensive review, ongoing calculation of net worth and a resource to help them consistently monitor their plan. It is truly uncommon in the industry.

*Life insurance offered through The Bulfinch Insurance Agency, LLC, an affiliate of the Bulfinch Group, LLC. The Bulfinch Group, LLC is not licensed to sell insurance.

A Glossary located on the Tools page is available to explain key terms. Should you have any questions, please contact us directly. We are happy to help find you the solutions you need.