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“You can’t do hard stuff by yourself”

| August 08, 2018
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I came across a great quote the other day while listening to the Team Never Quit Podcast with Chris Cassidy.  Chris said that one of the things he learned in BUDS training was that “You can’t do hard stuff by yourself.”  This quote really resonated with me on a few levels.  While maybe some people can do hard things by themselves, often, it’s better to do hard things together.

First, on the personal side, I think everyone would agree that when the going gets tough, it’s important to have a sounding board or that person who is your rock, whether it is a spouse, best friend, family member etc. That one is an easy parallel, though that person isn’t always easy to find.

 When it comes to interacting with professionals, this quote also holds a lot of value.  If someone walked into your job, the chances of them mastering your craft in a short period of time are very small.  Sure, they could get a few tasks done and chalk up some wins, but they would be nowhere near as efficient or masterful as you would be.

The parallels to this are endless.  It would be difficult for me to master medical school in time for my next physical, or all the nuances of architecture by the time I want to build my next home, so I rely on professionals because to them this is an everyday activity. Working with the professional takes the hard thing (mastering medicine) and makes it easy (I walk into the doctor’s office and they do the rest).

In my industry, there is a growing trend of the “do it yourselfer” whether it’s for a hobby, or simply to save on fees.  As I thought about the above quote, the same statement holds true that I mentioned regarding the doctor or architect.  You could give it your best shot, but the chances of mastering the nuances of someone else’s craft in a short period of time are relatively small.  Not to mention, I simply don’t have time for it.  The consequences for attempting to do so and failing are large.  In the architecture example, the house could end up looking horrible, or worse, falling down. 

Building a complex financial strategy isn’t easy either, and the stakes are high.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t some areas you can handle, but when it comes to building the entire strategy, missing a nuance could mean leaving your family in a tough spot, paying higher taxes, or running out of money in retirement.  The fact is, it’s hard, so don’t do it alone.

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