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Finances and New England

| November 06, 2018
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As a New Englander, I’ve chosen a life that is both amazing and extremely inconvenient. What do I mean?

People who live in New England value adventure, travel, and experiences. We look to spend our time at the beach, the lake, the mountains, with our families, and with our dogs. The problem is that New England is an expensive place to live and taking full advantage of everything there is to offer requires money. So, we need to work to take advantage of all it has to offer but, in order to take advantage of it, we need to be outside, not working. See the issue?

We are unique and complicated, in a good way. We are horrible at sitting around, doing nothing. This creeps into our financial world. We struggle to be patient and just watch our bank accounts grow. There are easier, more convenient places to live if this is all we wanted to do. We want our money to be available to us, to our families. Retirement is only part of the picture and when that comes around, we certainly do not intend to hang up our ski boots. We will be taken down the mountain in a toboggan, and our first question to the doctor will be, “when will I be able to ski again?”.

Because we are adventurers, dreamers, and demand more from life, our finances are different. Our relationship with money is unique. Unlike impulsively taking a sick day to take advantage of a beach day or a powder day, our finances cannot be so unplanned. We need to protect our incomes and ensure we have access to our money now and in the future to accomplish all we want to accomplish. Our lives are not cookie cutter, which means our finances cannot be either.

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