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A Guide To Building Your Financial Success

At The Guyton Group, we integrate our clients' entire financial profile using an easy-to-understand, macroeconomic model which places an emphasis on the "strategy," not the products.  This simple yet powerful platform is utilized to identify risk exposures, financial inefficiencies, and areas of opportunity.  It also demonstrates, through a reallocation of existing cash flow, how to integrate and coordinate strategies aimed at building and protecting your wealth, to help it withstand unknown market conditions and the test of time.

Many people are disorganized in their finances and planning and live by what we call “junk drawer planning” which means there are a lot of ideas, but no thought or action put into them.  We utilize the most innovative financial organization tool, The Living Balance Sheet®, which allows us to create balance and flexibility in your plan while we help protect you from unforeseen circumstances and grow your wealth efficiently.

With The Living Balance Sheet®, our clients have a comprehensive overview, ongoing calculation of net worth, and a resource to help them consistently monitor their plan.  It is truly uncommon in the industry.

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