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Navigate Your Financial Future With Confidence 

The Guyton Group is the preeminent strategic advisory firm on the Seacoast. We deliver integrated financial plans to business owners and individuals to enhance wealth and maintain financial freedom for themselves and their families.

As a strategic advisory firm, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse offering of products and services that go beyond financial planning. We commit to offering a dynamic advisory experience to assist our clients as they make financial, business and legal decisions. The Guyton Group seeks to optimize your assets, protection, and cash flow — and minimize your debt — now and in the future. 

What we do for you is more than just the tactical actions; our 30 years in the industry have allowed us to provide not only valuable industry knowledge but also experiential insight to those we counsel. At The Guyton Group, we pool some of the best financial resources in the business to provide you with a custom & integrated plan you can feel confident about.

The Guyton Group Philosophy

Do you feel overwhelmed thinking about retirement savings?  You’re not alone.  Many people shy away from conversations about their savings and planning for their future because there are a lot of fine details and moving parts. Planning for your future is so intricate that it is easy to hit the big ticket items. But what about the fine print that could make a world of a difference for you and your family? Watch our video to see how The Guyton Group's holistic approach can come up with the best plan for you!

The Guyton Group is not registered in any state or with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor.


Market Volatility

Has the recent volatility of the market caused you to wonder if you will be able to meet your retirement goals? Market declines may create the need to revisit your plan to see how your cash flow will be affected.  At the Guyton Group, we recognize market volatility and its impact on the sequence of your investment returns as being a critical factor in determining how much income you can derive from your portfolio. Watch our video to see how our uncommon approach to retirement income planning may help you!

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The Guyton Group is not a registered investment advisor.


One of our goals is to provide our industry leading ideas and summaries that show the benefits of wholistic planning.  

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